May 24, 2010

Sometimes when you are a new christen and you have family

or friends who are ill or suffering in a difficult situation,

It can be hard to believe that God will answer your prayers.

Keep calm, keep praying and keep believing because God will answer your prayers.

Turn to those in your church and ask them to pray with you.

You will find the strength and encouragement that you may need to

help you to continue to pray and be patient for Gods answer.

James 5v13-15

Are any among you suffering? They should keep on praying about it and those who

have reason to be

thankful should continually sing praise to the Lord.

Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the

church and have them pray over them,

anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord.

And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven.

Always pray to God where ever you are,

He’s always there beside you.




May 18, 2010

Well lately I’ve just been thinking about God and everything that he has done for me these past months and the people he placed in my life at the exact time he knew I would need them. I’m so thankful that he has given me such confidence within him and my faith in him. I feel so blessed that I can just openly talk to my tech friends and other non Christian friends about God. That even after the fall he still wanted an intimate relationship with every single one of us. However when it comes to praying out loud in front of people I literary cant bare the thought, well i couldn’t before but now god has given me confidence in the one area of my life I never had it,  he also provided the push that i needed to do it and for that I’m so very thankful. anyway last night as i was getting ready for bed i started to think about my generation and the one above and below mine within this city. I truly believe that this whole city will be saved. every single person who are within the pits of despair will be brought out of it and WILL be standing worshipping god! I think its time for the younger generation of the church to stand up for god and take charge. We have a chance to impact our generation while we’re still young!! If we stand up and actually show the rest of our generation that the answer isn’t drink and drugs and the way of solving things isn’t killing yourself or pretending like everything is great when your actually dying inside, that they don’t need to feel so helpless and lost that they don’t understand why things happen to them, why they aren’t loved. We need to explain to them that there is nothing other than the love of god that will fill that empty void within their lives! We have a chance to show them how to live in full health and happiness so I guess what I’m trying to say is even though people might think I’m absolutely nuts I’m going to take a dive for CHRIST! I’m challenging you, dare to speak the truth!

Go for god!


Don’t Get Sucked In

March 10, 2010

In Genesis 27, Isaac said to Esau, “Go hunt and bring me the game, cooked in the way I like it, and I will give you my blessing.”
Rebekah heard, and went to Jacob; “Go kill one of the goats from the flock, and I will cook it up, and you will take it and receive the blessing from your father.”
Jacob said, “But he’ll figure out I’m not Esau and curse me!”
Rebekah said, “Leave it to me,” and she sorted everything out.  She gave him the food and he went to Isaac.  “Who is this before me?” Isaac asked.  Jacob answered, “I am Esau, your firstborn”
And that’s how Jacob sinned.  Of course he’d sinned before, but this time he was had a chance to run away from sin, and instead he jumped in with both feet.
His mother was tempting him.  She made it so easy.  She did almost every step of the preparations for him.  When Jacob found a problem with her plan, thinking his dad would find out their plan, she said she would handle it.  He didn’t stand up to her and tell her to stop.  He didn’t say that he shouldn’t deceive his father, and that her plan was wrong.  And I get it.  He loved his mother, and he respected her and trusted her.  She probably was doing this for him, and for his best interests. 
People around him were planning on doing wrong. He never stopped them.  Soon he became involved.  When he lied about who he was, he had officially and knowingly jumped into a ton of sin.
Its easy to get involved in sin. Jacob probably really trusted and loved his mother too, but she led him into wrong things.  Our best friends can cause us to sin.  It’s not always easy to stand by either, often times we really do end up joining them, whether its drinking when you’re underage, or lying to cover for your friends, or whatever.  Don’t get caught up.  Love your friends and family, but if it’s sin, don’t join them.


February 16, 2010

So I was taking a taxi home the other night, and of course I was chatting away about the weather or something, and the question came up like it always does for me: “That’s not a Derry accent you have; whereabouts are you from?”  So I gave the usual story of how I’m from California but I’ve come over to do an internship.  This is where the taxi drivers always go on to ask, “What are you doing for your internship?” at which point I get to tell them all about Cornerstone!  And this taxi driver said, “Oh: charismatic.”  And I’m like “Yeah, actually!”
He told me he was a minister in a different denomination.  Somehow we got on the subject of speaking in tongues he said he didn’t like “our idea” (Cornerstone’s idea) of how it worked, because he said it was a bunch of babble, and how could that help anybody.  I explained to him the best I could about how tongues might be thought of as a way of pouring out your heart to God, a special way to communicate where you won’t let over-thinking your words get in the way of sharing your mind with God.
At this point we were stopped outside my house in Ivy Mead, still talking.  We just had to agree to disagree in the end, because he couldn’t accept that a person might be able to use a language that sounded like nonsense to everyone else to intentionally express feelings to God. 
A lot of you guys know that I wasn’t very familiar with the gift of tongues before I came to Cornerstone.  I love that God placed me in this conversation instead of somebody else because I could see where this guy was coming from.  I actually feel like I grew from that conversation, like sharing what I know about God and His spirit has made me more proud of what I believe in and what God is revealing to me!
You can have conversations about God anywhere!  Don’t be scared to share the knowledge you have!

When we hear the word worship we think of music whether it be loud music with many instruments playing modern worship songs or unaccompanied voices singing hymns. Anyway, for most people worship is music or is most related to music. Psalm 95 instructs us to worship with shouting, singing and music because God is the best! The word worship simply means to give worth to, to idolize which is exactly what He expects and deserves. This is a word that should only be used to describe our feelings towards God but so often gets muddled up, our feelings for other things can be so much stronger than how we honestly feel for Him. Worship can so often be standing in a room full of believers singing your favourite songs thinking of what you did the night before or what your plans are for the rest of the day. If you ever feel like this, trust me your not the only 1! Sometimes relating to God can be so difficult. Do you ever look at people that have no relationship with the Lord and ask what it so different between you and them? Maybe they drink more? Swear more? But really is you not drinking/swearing going to make a difference to anything? Claire (my fiancé for anyone that doesn’t know me) and I where talking the other night about our relationship and thought what makes us different to couples that don’t know the Lord? One of Claire’s gifts is that she worries about stuff. This means that if things aren’t going the way she knows they should be she won’t just let it go. Always try to make sure every relationship and bond brings worship to God. Worship shouldn’t and can’t be kept to a Sunday morning in the form of music, it needs to be something that is constant and is shared with everyone that you spend time with and come into contact with. Never be content!

Christmas is coming

December 16, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching and as I prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World I can’t help but think about the life we are celebrating.
Jesus was a real life walking, talking, living, breathing miracle maker. Throughout his ministry everywhere he and his disciples travelled the most remarkable things happened.  He turned water into wine! He could make five loaves and two fish feed thousands! He brought people back from death to life! He could make bling men see again! He could walk on water! He could make cripples walk! He could make the dumb talk! He died on a cross taking the punishment for your sins and my sins and then to top it all off he rose from the dead.
Jesus’ teaching was revolutionary.  He spoke about forgiveness, about love , about grace  and about mercy.  He made what the world at the time considered to be the most outlandish claims.  He called himself many things; “Son of God”, “Son of Man”,  “The Way, The Truth, The Life”.  He said things like “no one can get to the Father except through me”.  Jesus challenged people to think in new ways, he inspired them, he motivated them, he stretched  them and he guided them.  An encounter with Jesus meant that your life would be transformed forever.

Can I encourage you that the same Jesus that lived 2000 years ago is alive and well and doing the same things right here in this city, and across this nation and beyond.
Hebrews 13:8 it states Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever! Even now his teaching is still revolutionary – it brings life, it brings hope and it has and will continue to inspire millions upon millions of people around the globe to seek to live and become more like him. Miracles are happening all the time,  people are being welcomed into the kingdom of God everyday, relationships are being restored, emotional and physical hurts and illnesses are being healed, sorrow turned to joy, worry turned to peace, the hopeless have hope.
Today, you too can have an encounter with Jesus that will transform your life forever.

December 15, 2009

December 11, 2009

December 2, 2009

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