Guest Blog from Naomi!

March 31, 2010

When you are sitting alone in your bedroom, at your computer or whenever you are
and you think to yourself why is life like a bonfire? Why are bad things happning to my friends?
Why do people have so maney heated arguments, fighting against eachother, constanty
bickering and souting?
Why do they do this kind of stuff.
It can raise the question “Is my life going to become like that?”‘
John 14 v 1
Let not your heart be trobled, you beleve in God,
Beleve also in me.
Pray to God, he will hlp u through the fear that can overwhelm you.
God can give you the peacein your heart and mind.
Don’t be scared of praying to God, He will answer your prayers.
Share wih your friends the peace that you have found and help them to pray to God about their situation.
They too can have that sence of peace that you now have.

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