Don’t Get Sucked In

March 10, 2010

In Genesis 27, Isaac said to Esau, “Go hunt and bring me the game, cooked in the way I like it, and I will give you my blessing.”
Rebekah heard, and went to Jacob; “Go kill one of the goats from the flock, and I will cook it up, and you will take it and receive the blessing from your father.”
Jacob said, “But he’ll figure out I’m not Esau and curse me!”
Rebekah said, “Leave it to me,” and she sorted everything out.  She gave him the food and he went to Isaac.  “Who is this before me?” Isaac asked.  Jacob answered, “I am Esau, your firstborn”
And that’s how Jacob sinned.  Of course he’d sinned before, but this time he was had a chance to run away from sin, and instead he jumped in with both feet.
His mother was tempting him.  She made it so easy.  She did almost every step of the preparations for him.  When Jacob found a problem with her plan, thinking his dad would find out their plan, she said she would handle it.  He didn’t stand up to her and tell her to stop.  He didn’t say that he shouldn’t deceive his father, and that her plan was wrong.  And I get it.  He loved his mother, and he respected her and trusted her.  She probably was doing this for him, and for his best interests. 
People around him were planning on doing wrong. He never stopped them.  Soon he became involved.  When he lied about who he was, he had officially and knowingly jumped into a ton of sin.
Its easy to get involved in sin. Jacob probably really trusted and loved his mother too, but she led him into wrong things.  Our best friends can cause us to sin.  It’s not always easy to stand by either, often times we really do end up joining them, whether its drinking when you’re underage, or lying to cover for your friends, or whatever.  Don’t get caught up.  Love your friends and family, but if it’s sin, don’t join them.

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