February 16, 2010

So I was taking a taxi home the other night, and of course I was chatting away about the weather or something, and the question came up like it always does for me: “That’s not a Derry accent you have; whereabouts are you from?”  So I gave the usual story of how I’m from California but I’ve come over to do an internship.  This is where the taxi drivers always go on to ask, “What are you doing for your internship?” at which point I get to tell them all about Cornerstone!  And this taxi driver said, “Oh: charismatic.”  And I’m like “Yeah, actually!”
He told me he was a minister in a different denomination.  Somehow we got on the subject of speaking in tongues he said he didn’t like “our idea” (Cornerstone’s idea) of how it worked, because he said it was a bunch of babble, and how could that help anybody.  I explained to him the best I could about how tongues might be thought of as a way of pouring out your heart to God, a special way to communicate where you won’t let over-thinking your words get in the way of sharing your mind with God.
At this point we were stopped outside my house in Ivy Mead, still talking.  We just had to agree to disagree in the end, because he couldn’t accept that a person might be able to use a language that sounded like nonsense to everyone else to intentionally express feelings to God. 
A lot of you guys know that I wasn’t very familiar with the gift of tongues before I came to Cornerstone.  I love that God placed me in this conversation instead of somebody else because I could see where this guy was coming from.  I actually feel like I grew from that conversation, like sharing what I know about God and His spirit has made me more proud of what I believe in and what God is revealing to me!
You can have conversations about God anywhere!  Don’t be scared to share the knowledge you have!

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