Guest Blog from Kelly’s Brother Kerry Scott, a Pastor in Los Angeles!

February 11, 2010

“Something like Larry”
After throwing my duffle in the trunk and jumping into the seat, Dad asked me “So, uneventful flight?” I responded, “Actually, it was quite eventful.” I recounted how I had shown up late (I had been thinking about departure time, not boarding time), and had a mad rush to make my flight alongside a few other harried travelers out of Long Beach.
But that wasn’t all. Also from Long Beach was a cute blonde free-illustrating in seat 15D. I had to ask her to let me squeeze past to my window seat, along with a comment about how I enjoyed her artwork. It started a delightful conversation that would continue the rest of the entire 1hr flight up to the San Francisco Bay. I discovered “Hilary” was traveling home from her 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach as an art student, and was full of funny roommate and school stories we could laugh together about. I had previously mentioned I was a pastor, along with being a tutor, and working on my Masters of Divinity in grad school. It was when she asked, “So, what do you do as a pastor?” when I felt Holy Spirit steering our ordained chat deeper. In the end, we analyzed her irregular Catholic upbringing, what evangelical church pastoring looks like, and eventually walked through the message of the gospel together. She replied that she’d never heard it in such clearly expressed, easily understandable words. We both jumped as the plane touched down, realizing the entire-flight length of our conversation. Then, as she went to claim luggage and I split to the sidewalk to wait for my ride, I looked up to the crisp stars overhead and asked God to continue to work in Hilary’s life.
I pray she’s having a relaxing time at home with family. But I’m also praying that the truth in the message of the gospel will leave her unsettled, and desiring more! Thank you, God, for using me in this way! May I always be a free servant for your Spirit-guided work!

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