Guest Blog from Frankee!

February 9, 2010

This weekend when i was away with the youth we talked about our dreams and what were passionate about. We were asked to write our own obituray, I kind of thought okay hmmm? how would i want to be remembered. i wrote that i inspired and influanced many lives of young women with my testamony; and thats kind of my dream awell. Because like, i use to think that before i became a christian that what i went through and what happened to me was my fault, like i desevred it. However now when i think about it i know that the only reason that i went through it is because now some day i can share it with young women and hopefully inspire them and encourage them that it doesnt have to distroy them the way it did to me because there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. that i am worth something and that my life is important. even though it will take a long time for my too build up my confidance and accept compliments and all that jazz. well you’ve gotta start somewere right? Through god you can achevie anything you want. I love to write, everyone who know’s me knows that. but i dont want to write things that won’t inpower me or influance someone else, so when i do write i try to use my past to do so. i don’t want anything from my past to have a hold over me anymore. I want to walk the path that the lord has set out for me. i dont want too stand back because of my fears. Anyway i guess what i’m trying to say is dont let anything hold you back, dont let anyone hold you down! Personally i dont want to look back on my life and be like why did i let that hold me back?! I want to do as much as i can for the Lord on earth while i have the chance to do it. I look round at everyone in my life and think oh my word, there amazing. i want people to think that about myself. One of  my most favorite bible chapters is Isaiah 49. because it inspries me to be what i feel i should be for the lord. In the restoration of israel it says “to say to the captives, come out and those in darkness be free! “. When i read this im instandly inspried and motivated. I want to help those in the darkness to be free. free in god. I want to help people who are in captivity of the devil to come out, and see the light and love of god; because in my own personal opinion and you don’t have to agree with me on this but the only way you can truly be free is if you live your life according to gods will. NOT according to you and your fears. Thats how i want to begin living my life. Thats what i’m going to start to do. and i hope whoever reads this will do that to.

take care. God Bless. Frankee xx.

One Response to “Guest Blog from Frankee!”

  1. tim shiels said

    keep living the dream francineeeeeeee

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