Why ???

February 8, 2010

Why do bad things happen to good people when they haven’t done anything?”
I think everyone wonders this at least once in there life, I wondered it for the last while, I was praying about it and just didn’t understand it , people who haven’t ever done anything that bad in there can end up dealing with thing they shouldn’t have to , it seems unfair I was asking everyone and nobody could answer , they looked at me like I was crazy. I asked Brian Somerville, Senior Pastor at Cornerstone City Church  about it and he said he didn’t know the answer it seemed like a dead end , nobody could answer me , but then when I was talking to him he made me realise that that’s a question with no answer , nobody knows why bad things happen to anyone ! But infact its how god can use it to change you. god has a plan for you life you just need to trust in him and know that if things do go wrong, its for a reason, that something good will probably come out of it or even just a hard learned lesson . thing fall apart so better things can fall into place you may not realise it now , but its all a part of making you who you are or who your going to be within god. yeah , it just might take a while and you will probably look back and think your glad those thing happened. Bad things happen to people all the time , if something bad happens seriously just hand it over to god and trust in him and believe that he’ll take control and help you through it. whatever happens is meant to , just keep walking the path your on ; you never know what good might come of it just trust in god!
Libiee xxx

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