Guest blog from Kerry Scott Kaufman, Pastor at Long Beach Alliance Church in Los Angeles

January 26, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
It is in those heaviest, most difficult moments of life when what we actually believe and live by is tested. Now that I live down in LA, I feel helpless as I receive emails and take calls about a friend of mine who died in a car crash recently at age 17. Why was he taken away so young? Why? Why? I keep hearing. This is terrible. The world is a cruel, dark place, and my heart and prayers continue to travel out to his family and all those hurt by this painfully premature tragedy.
For so many of the high-schoolers I know back home, to accept the very first death they have personally experienced is especially a struggle. But as I explained to a student and friend of mine through the hushed tones of a late night phone conversation, it is an awful experience just like this that holds overwhelming capacity for change: change in our mindsets, change in our beliefs, and change in our lifestyles. When death is so near as today, questions arise like no other time: What is God doing? Is He loving? Is He in control? Why me? Where does one go after death?
Don’t lessons about Heaven and Hell and Salvation seem stale or worn out…until the reality of death is presented raw before you? How often do we think to share words of Life with our lost, unsaved friends we see every day, until we realize just how little time some of us have left?
Lets not skip services or sleep during church. This life and death stuff is real.
Lets not roll our eyes next time we’re told how important it is to share the gospel. People really do need to be saved.
So as the world may crash down, what do we actually believe? And how will we change the way we live based on this new event in our lives? Ask yourself these questions. And then live your life like it really does matter.

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