special guest blog ‘mark hinds’

November 17, 2009

lately i’ve been thinking…..
what would this world be like if we actually praised god in everything we do? not just when something good happens or when we receive a “blessing” but with everything. what if we considered work as a form of prayer? instead of thinking that today you were going to go to work what if you thought about how your work affects gods people. it does. if we are all gods children then we are all brothers and sisters. what if we really acted that way….? that homeless person isnt begging for change. its a brother, who is lost in this world and needs help from another brother or sister.
what if we treated everyday as if we were in prayer? what if me giving money to cancer was a form of giving money to god? what if me praying for someone that i see needs it. changes their life..? even if its just a small prayer?
what if me writing this and you reading this is a form of prayer? what if right now we are together in unison?
what if instead of giving your money to a multi billion pound company that produces ciggerettes that kill millions every year you gave someone food who couldnt afford it, or a jacket for someone who doesnt have one.
this world is lost.
it needs our help.what this world doesnt need is more ego’s and people that think they are above everyone else. what if we finally realized that we came from royalty. therefore we are all royal. treat each other as you would treat god himself. like royalty.
instead of waking up and dreading going to work or school think about that one person, just one. that you can help just by caring about them enough to listen for a second.
the only way this is going to change is if we start now….
don’t let yourself get hung up on trivial things like the world around you. we have one chance. and what we do today stays long after we are gone.
think about that

One Response to “special guest blog ‘mark hinds’”

  1. Naomi Scholes said

    Well done Mark
    keep it up

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