as i lay dying

November 3, 2009

For so long I have felt alone
Content to live with unrest
Longing faded into countless nights
That buried my weary heart
But You brought an end
To this dead hour
And meaning to a calloused life

Held in Your arms
But too far from my heart


These words are taken from a Christian band called “As I Lay Dying” the song is called “the darkest nights” and the lyrics in this song talk about how the singer (Tim Lambesis ) is going through a tough time and he feels alone. But he goes on to say that Jesus brought an end to this confusion. 

The second part of the song is him coming to a realization that god had him in his arms the whole time and that it’s up to us to realize this ourselves. So what im getting at is if your going through a tough time weather its: family, school, friends whatever it may be just stay close to Jesus and he will put you in the right path ! 

colm hinds

2 Responses to “as i lay dying”

  1. Kelly said

    this was great colm. youre right, that song is perfect! way to write from your heart:)

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