i want to be a savage ‘kelly’

October 23, 2009

jael-and-sisera1Recently in Seven and in other church activities I’ve been involved in I’ve heard some great testimonies from people.  They were travelling down the world’s path and they’d gotten themselves really deep into alcohol and drugs and then they finally properly saw God and asked for His help.

Sometimes I feel hesitant to tell my story because I feel like it’s not as interesting as those stories.  Like because I was never a drug addict, or never partying every night, my story could never affect anyone and I was a boring Christian.  But as I was taking a closer look at the bible today, all the people that came to mind just underlined the fact that I was SO wrong!

The bible definitely tells the stories of women with those miraculous testimonies: Mary Magdelene cried about her broken past at the feet of Jesus, Rahab left prostitution and saved the lives of 2 important Isrealites, the woman who met Jesus at the well had had 5 husbands and still received the living water from Jesus, the adulterous woman was saved by Jesus from being stoned by the Pharisees.  But it has a ton of other women VITAL to the bible who had pasts a lot more like mine!  Esther was just your average girl before she became queen and saved all of Israel.  Ruth just followed directions and obeyed her mother, and she is a direct ancestor of Jesus.  And Mary, Jesus own mother, was just an ordinary girl, called “favored by God”.

But my personal favourite is Jael.  She appears briefly in Judges 4.  At that time a military leader called Sisera had “ruthlessly oppressed the Isrealites for 20 years”.  God told the judge Deborah (another girl who belongs in this blog) that He would hand over Sisera’s army to Israel.  He did, but Sisera escaped on foot.  Jael invited Sisera into her tent.  She gave him refreshments like he asked and a blanket so he could rest.  Then, while he was sleeping, she crept up and drove a tent peg through his temple.  Jael was so hardcore that the tent peg went all the way through his head and into the ground!  Where I come from we would call that pretty savage!

So even one of my favourite women in the bible wasn’t a miraculous convert.  She was just a regular person, following and obeying God, and try to tell me her story isn’t interesting!  Just like God used Rahab and Mary Magdalene, Ruth and Jael, He can use me too!  All our stories are interesting, and God can use us all!

One Response to “i want to be a savage ‘kelly’”

  1. pappy said

    Nice job Kelly. I enjoy reading your blogs. I’m very proud of you!

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