connie ‘OK’

October 22, 2009

ok okOk, so this is kind of random it has nothing to-do with proverbs but I just felt I should right about it. As most of you will know my uncle Sean died last November and for ages I was really angry with God, I was blaming God for what had happened and that anger was stopping my relationship with God grow but I slowly got over that anger. During the last prayer week, on the first night I felt my relationship with God stepped onto a whole new level, I just seemed to have a lot more faith and I felt I could really worship and on the third night it started out the same as the past two nights, I was standing praising God, then I started thinking about Sean and started to get really angry with God, after about 15 minutes, I realised this was the devil attacking me because I had stepped onto a new level with God, so I prayed about and my anger went away, I was still annoyed but I wasn’t angry with God anymore, so if you ever feel angry with God I’d say pray about let him know your angry, the way I see it is if your angry with your friend and you don’t do anything about it, things are just going to get worse between the two of you, it’s the same with God, he is your friend and your relationship wont grow if your angry with him and if you feel like the devil is trying to attack you just pray about it and try and block it out.

One Response to “connie ‘OK’”

  1. Colm said

    BAM ! hit the nail on the head there connie ! 🙂 i had the same kinda thing where i was being attacked. this is a good encouragement

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