colm hinds ‘blog4’

October 5, 2009

the_friday_night_project_uk-showThis week I will base my blog around not being ashamed of loving god. For example if you were planning to go to a church event, sometimes when your friends ask you where your going you might bend the truth a little and tell them something like. “Oh, I’m just staying in tonight”. I encourage anyone who might have this problem to have no hesitation to tell them exactly where you’re heading and even invite them along. After all isn’t getting your friends saved what you want? We should be so enthusiastic about knowing god… you know sometimes how people brag on about meeting someone famous people e.g. me meeting Glen Hansard ! ahhhhhhh <3. Well we should be the same about Christ in how we tell others about his wonder and glory. After all he is the most famous person ever and I know him personally!!! Isn’t that amazing!  

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