lick the lid of life

March 31, 2009

lofMaybe some of you have seen the Muller ads for the yogurt. The saying of it is “lick the lid of life”. Think about it. Have you ever opened a yogurt and not lick the lid? I mean, one time a few years ago, recall going to the fridge for a yogurt, taking the lid off, and thought to myself “I am not going to lick the lid today”. I simply placed the lid on the counter (because self consciously I didn’t want to waste the yogurt, and I really wanted to lick the lid) and took my yogurt into the living room to enjoy it. After I ate it, all I could think about was that stupid lid. Sitting on the counter untouched and covered in yogurt, So I went to the kitchen to throw away my yogurt cup thing, and couldn’t resist licking the lid that I had left on the counter, and tossing it with my yogurt cup. The truth is, we want all of the best things in life. Just like we want to make sure that all the yogurt gets licked up, even if we have to lick the lid. We are willing to do anything to get all the best, and look pretty dumb as we stick our tongue out and wipe this plastic wrapper all over it. I mean seriously, it’s pretty sad that the most joy you get out of yogurt is licking the lid. Sometimes I rather just spoon out the entire yogurt out of the cup and slap it all over the lid and lick it to death. That’s what God loves, especially about youth. The willingness to scrap out all there is, to bring glory to His kingdom. Willing to look like a fool, willing to get your hands dirty, willing to take what God has given you and scrap the joy out of it. Let me encourage you to “lick the lid of life”. Take your calling, and your gifts, and just run with it, and don’t let anything hold you back!! As you go on licking your lid, you’ll find yourself doing, seeing, and building amazing things. Nothing and no one can take that from you. “Lick the lid of life”.

wedding bells

March 27, 2009

1079104_93082131So today is the day that Norman and Emily finally get to tie the knot and what was formerly two will become one.  I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited.  The soon to be Mr and Mrs Mc Corkell as many of you will already know are two of the most genuine, warm, kind and loving people you could ever wish to meet.  Norman for me can only be described as the biggest friendly giant I have ever had the privilege of meeting, his massive heart and huge personality most certainly match his incredibly large frame.  Emily may not be as big in size but most certainly has the heart and personality to compliment the mighty man of God she is getting hitched to. What an amazing couple!!!!!!  I am quite confident that God is going to do amazing things in their lives and that they in turn will do amazing things in their lives for God.  It is clear for all to see that God has placed a great call on their lives and that they both in turn are prepared to go to any length and do whatever it takes to answer that call.
I wish them Gods very best for the future and look forward with great anticipation and expectation to what it holds for such a lovely couple.

Make a Joyful Noise

March 26, 2009


Conviction. Gotta love it, Gotta hate it. Simple statements that just wrench your gut and encourage you at the same time to look at yourself and evaluate the way you are living. It’s the simple ones too that seem to get the best of me….
I was talking to a friend about being embarrassed to sing in front of people, especially people who actually can sing and this person very nonchalantly reminded me that there is always someone who is going to do things better than me, so why should I let that stop me. I hate when people are right like that!
It reminded me of a little girl that I met at a kid’s camp a couple years ago who was singing a worship song, but had no idea what the words were and was making them up as she went a long. She didn’t care who was listening or what she was saying and it was just the most adorable, most endearing thing I’ve seen in a long time. I melt when I hear a child sing like that with such a pure joy and freedom. That was when God reminded me that I can have that same freedom and joy as His child. He just said to me, how much more you think I love it when my children sing to me, I don’t care if the words and notes are right! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
Whether its singing, working, or playing a sport or anything else that we do, God loves it when we do it for Him, not matter how good or bad we are at it, if we do it for His glory, He is pleased and that is all that matters.


March 24, 2009

v I took a walk last night just to figure out something’s, and have a little talk with God about things that I’m confused, worried, and stressed about. After a mile or so of blabbering on about things and getting all these things lifted off my chest I stopped and just listened to try to hear Gods reason for everything, but there was nothing but silence. It wasn’t until I got close to my house that God laid on my heart Victory Vs. Defeat. Not understanding at first, I just let it soak in and lie in bed and thought about it. Victory Vs. Defeat, Victory Vs. Defeat, Victory Vs. Defeat… I GET IT!! You know what it is guys? Its because when Jesus Christ went to the cross he died and rose again, and had VICTORY when He faced “defeat”. We automatically have victory no matter what. It doesn’t matter what happens, it doesn’t matter if you fail in something that you come against, at the end of the day God is victorious, and so are we through Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what happened in the Bible between Genesis and Revelation, at the end of the book, God wins. That’s the beauty of it. If you have chosen to have Jesus as your savior, you are automatically victorious. Let me just encourage you to live in victory, because when victory faces defeat, victory will always win.
Daniel Chavez

Tonight @ engage

March 20, 2009


Hope to see you 7pm @ The Calgach Centre

Live in Truth

March 19, 2009

seek-truth1Last week I was blessed to receive multiple letters and gifts from friends of mine from home. After reading through them all, a certain phrase in the last note I read really stuck out to me and I’ve been pondering it ever since. It said ‘Live in Truth.’ The friend that wrote this to me obviously knows me well and knows that I need to be reminded of this simple statement. I began thinking to myself, what exactly does it mean for me to live in truth? What are the truths that God has told me; truths that I know, but don’t always choose to live in?
Here are just a few of the long list that came to me:
– I am a beloved child of God, his love for me is unconditional and beyond what I can comprehend. He created me in his image; I am an heir of God. (Genesis 1:27; Romans 8:17; 1 John 3:1-2)
– God has a plan and a purpose for my life. (Jeremiah 29:11)
– Not only has he created me with this purpose in mind, but he has already given me what I need to accomplish his purpose and I can live in confidence that Christ has already given me the victory. (1 Corinthians 15:57-58)
I looked up synonyms for truth and found two words that I loved: Authenticity and Constancy. I would love to be a person of authenticity, someone who is transparent, sincere and intentional. And I would love to be one of those people who is just a rock, consistent in their convictions and in how they live. I know that God has made me a new creation and he will be faithful to finish the work he has begun, I just have to choose to live each day proclaiming it!
The Bible tells us that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. I think we all could be reminded every now and again to choose to walk in truth and live in the freedom we have received from our father. ~Mikaela~

watoto choir

March 13, 2009



Watoto means “The Children”, and these children are on a mission. Through their inspirational songs and compelling stories, the Watoto Children’s Choir is spreading a message of hope for Africa’s children.
In 1992, Gary and Marilyn Skinner were moved with compassion concerning the critical orphan crisis in Uganda. As a result, Watoto Child Care Ministries was established.  Today, Watoto is caring for over 1,600 parentless children by providing physical, emotional, educational and spiritual care
The goal of Watoto is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each child becomes a responsible and productive citizen.
Since 1994, the Watoto Children’s Choirs have toured internationally as ambassadors for orphan children in Uganda. “Concerts of Hope” inform people of Watoto’s vital work and afford audiences the opportunity to participate in restoring hope and dignity to some of Africa’s most needy children.
Each child in the choir has experienced tremendous personal tragedy, having lost one or both parents in the African AIDS crisis or other calamities. Now through their music and dance, audiences around the world witness the life-transforming love of God experienced by the children of Watoto.
The choir will be performing live at The Millenium Forum Saturday 14th March @7.30 pm and admission is free.
Hope to see you there


As I sit here trying to think of some deep and meaningful metaphor that will inspire those who will read this, I just keep returning to my most recent embarrassing story. I am constantly having to be reminded to not take life too seriously, so I thought I would share my newest lesson in humility:

Earlier this week I was driving around with Tim putting up posters for an event this weekend. We were going to different shops and churches around Derry and the surrounding communities. One of our stops was a Presbyterian church in Ballykelly. I walked in, expecting to have to look around an empty building for someone to give the flyers to (as I had at the other churches we’d been to already). But lo and behold I walk into a very full auditorium that turned out to be a funeral!! And here I am wandering in asking, “can I leave these with somebody?” they all just stared at me, didn’t respond to my question, just stared. So I turned and awkwardly exited, and as we were leaving, Tim and I realized that it was a funeral, what with the hearse outside and the men digging a grave! I was absolutely mortified! Well after Tim made me go back again to find someone to leave the flyers with I returned to the car and we had a good laugh at my misfortune.

It’s those moments of embarrassment that I am humbled and reminded to laugh at myself every once in a while rather than dwell on what other people might think of me.

I love what the author Brennan Manning said: “Be daring enough to be different, humble enough to make mistakes, wild enough to be burnt in the fire of love, real enough to make others see how phony you are.”

May we all feel the joy of mistakes, big and small, and find the freedom to live life with a smile on our face…especially when embarrassed. : )



Press On

March 11, 2009

1135434_11624450A couple of weeks ago I went for a run. The weather was a bit bad but I had already decided to run 8 miles that day. So I got my shoes on and stretched. When I got out the sky was calm and there was a slight breeze. I started running along and then it started to rain on me. I wasn’t wearing anything that was water resistant. So my clothes absorbed water in a hurry. Still I had already decided to run. So I kept going and then the rain stopped. I got into my running rhythm and I felt good. So I kept going. Then it started to snow on me. This further soaked my clothes and with the wind I felt COLD! The roads had already been a bit icy but I had already decided to run. So I kept going and then it stopped and I was back in my running “zone”. Then out of nowhere the wind picked up and it started to hail on me. I will be honest it hurt, mostly my face area because it was the only thing uncovered.  But I kept going because I had already decided to run. Then during the last part of my run the conditions got better and the wind was to my back helping me run with more ease. When I got home I was cold & dripping wet, but I never felt better. Each of those times something happened whether snow or rain or hail I wanted to quit. I kept thinking of excuses to just stop there and just turn around. I didn’t stop because no matter how good it may feel to stop then, it would not feel as good as it would when I finished. Too many times in life we just settle for second best. We think I made it this far and that is good enough for me. That should never be your mind set. You should finish everything you start. When Jesus came to earth he had it already in mind that he would give himself for us. He would die. He didn’t just come and share some stories and then leave again. He came and did what he came to do. He faced many obstacles in life. We will too. Life will never be easy. Challenges will come in all shapes and forms. You have to push on. If you quit now it will only make it easier to do so in the future. Press on and finish everything. After I finished that run I have been able to do it again and again with more ease. I am running even longer distances. If I had quit that day this would not be possible. Press on and finish everything.

Green Grass

March 10, 2009

grassOne thing that I love about Ireland since I have been an intern here was the greenness of the grass. It amazes me that even on the dullest of days, the grass still stands out greener than ever. If you’ve ever been to California you will see that the grass isn’t as green even in the spring and summer times. I like how on stormy rainy days the green of the grass remains true, and it even brings out beauty in the storms. Nothing can affect it, nothing can destroy it, nothing can compare to it. God really showed me that this is the same with us. There is beauty in us because Christ is in us. The scripture found in 1John 4:4 says “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” We are like the grass. That whatever storm you are caught in whether it is your own or others, you will always stand out, and your beauty will shine because Christ is in you. Never feel that you are not beautiful, never feel that you are not enough, never feel that you are alone, and never feel discouraged “because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” Just let go, and let God, and watch Him shine through you in even the darkest and dullest of times.
Daniel Chavez