tonight @ engage

January 30, 2009

Tonight we have the incredibly gifted and talented Mikaela sharing her life story of how God has blessed her and provided for her.  She is going to describe the highs and lows  of living in a Christian home with Christian parents, the struggles and temptations she has had to go through in life and how God has moved in all of it to make her the person that she is today.  I am very excited about hearing this story. Come out and join us tonight at the Calgach Centre 7pm til 8.30.   It is going to be great.


Tonight at engage

January 23, 2009

Tonight @ engage we have an amazing speaker who is not to be missed.  Come and hear the life story of Mr Ryan Leonard.  Ryan’s energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious and his story of transformation, healing and restoration is amazing.  God has not only transformed Ryan’s life but he has changed the life of his family also.   Come out tonight to hear this amazing testimony.  You will not be disappointed.
Tim 🙂

changing times

January 15, 2009

changeI’m sure the news that Pastor Andrew Mc Court has answered the call that God has put on his life to move to Belfast to pastor the Christian Fellowship Centre (CFC) will come or has come as an incredible shock.  Both Andrew and Isabelle have been a tremendous source of inspiration to everyone at Cornerstone City Fellowship.  If you are at all like me,  I’m quite confident that right now you will be feeling a great sense of loss but yet at the same time an incredible sense of excitement at what God is going to do not just in their lives but also what he is going to do in the life of our great church and our great city.
We are moving into a new era where we will see a change in leadership as Pastor Brian Somerville steps up to take his God given position as Senior Pastor.  I look forward to serving a great God with another true and great leader.  For now though,  I just want to take this opportunity to honor a mighty man of God and his family.   proverbs 17:17 says  ‘a friend loves at all times’. The Mc Court family have been so much more than a family of leaders, they have been great friends to us all, loved God, loved us, loved the church and loved the city of Derry at all times with a contagious enthusiasm and heart felt passion.  I am gonna miss them all terribly.
Times are changing, faces are changing, things are changing, but there is one thing that will remain the same and that is God.  God was the same yesterday as he is today and will be tomorrow.  He hasn’t stopped loving you, his plan for your life hasn’t changed.  So guys stay strong, trust that God is in control and in all things continue to seek his will for your life.
Let us know how you are doing.

Love you
Tim 🙂

I have a story. There was this guy in the Bible called Abram. Later on, God changes his name to Abraham, but for now, he’s just Abram. God though he was pretty cool. Now, before Abraham was born, the world was pretty nuts. Adam and Even sinned way back in the Garden of Eden, and since then, there was this constant struggle of God remedying the world and then the people in the world messing up again and taking advantage of God and his love. After Adam and Eve, people got mad and violent and evil, so God sent a flood that destroyed everyone except Noah and his family. Things were ok for a while but then people started to get really proud and likened themselves to God himself. That really pissed God off, so he confused their language, creating multiple languages, and scattered everyone from the middle east into the whole world. This story is called the Tower of Babel. This kind of sorted out for a while, but then people got really bad. God really loved people, but so long as they chose to be proud and violent and evil, he couldn’t be friends with them. Enter Abram.
Abram, like Noah, was different to everyone else. He wasn’t violent or evil. He had a healthy self image and view of the world around him. And he knew God. 
-Interruption–  So God has this trend of using people. It’s not like God is weak and can’t control the universe without our expert help and direction. God just loves us so much that, although he could do everything perfectly and quickly on his own, he just wants to be near us and let us get involved every now and then. And what better way to speak to people than through people themselves? Ok back to Abram.

starsSo you see now how God loves people but not many people love God? Well, God talked to Abram and said to him that he wanted to use Abram to make a difference in the world. And not just any difference. Abram was going to be called, ‘The father of many nations.’ His descendants would be famously large. God said they would outnumber the stars in the sky. 
There was one problem. Abram was old. And his wife was old. They had passed the point where they’d be able to have kids. It was impossible. 
But even though this looked crazy,looked like a lie, even looked like God was being cruel to promise something that couldn’t naturally happen, Abram knew God. He knew that God never makes promises he can’t keep. He knew that God had a best plan for his life. He knew that God was good, not mean and distant. And he knew he could trust God. 

And there it is in Genesis 15v6:  And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith.
It might not sound amazing, but it is. God considered him righteous. You see, in the world that Abram lived, and for the many years before that, God had searched to find righteous people and he saved them from the flood. It was the unrighteous that had hurt God and taken advantage off him. It was the unrighteous who rejected and disowned God. But it was the righteous that God trusted and used. 
God wants to use you, but you have to believe him. Take him at his word about what he has to say about you, the world you live in, and the things you can do to make a difference and really live life to the fullest. Believe him and be righteous. God won’t send fire from the sky or flood the earth and kill everyone or move you to some crazy place with a mad language so you can’t talk to your friends or family. But that’s not the point. These people that were so bent on doing their own thing couldn’t know God because their sin got in the way. Their doubt got in the way. Don’t let anything get in the way of your relationship with God. Not friends or family or work or fear or doubts or……….. You get the point. 
Lastly, have a think, and see where these three quotes from Jesus fit into your life:
Don’t be afraid, just believe.
Go, and sin no more.
I have come that you’ll have life, and life to the fullest! 

this week

January 6, 2009

Hello! We’ve really missed everyone over break! …even though you’re smelly and noisy and eat a lot.. 
This Friday is our first Friday back at Engage and instead of meeting at the Calgach Centre, we’re joining up with a bunch of other people at the annual YPC at Lisneal College.
Here are the details: 

Young People’s Convention in Lisneal College on the Crescent Link
7th – 11th January at 8.00pm each evening
Speaker: Pastor Freddie McClaughlin from Ballymena Baptist Church
Theme: Living with Reality 

Afterwards, there is live music, coffee, and buns at Starbucks on the Crescent Link Wednesday – Saturday 07-10 January from 9.30-10.30

We really hope to see you there! 

Also, leave a comment and let us know about your Christmas hols!!