November 12, 2008

This is going to be a recurring theme in my blogs. And for this, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. It’s why I exist. 

There’s a singer in Australia called Brooke Fraser. She has sung songs like Hosanna, You’ll ComeShadowfeet, and Desert Song. She is a very talented singer|songwriter who has produced an amazing song called Albertine.

And this is what I am writing about today. 

The story behind the song is that Brooke was on a trip in Rwanda and met an orphan girl called Albertine in a village. The chorus repeats over and over that, “Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead.”  Read through the lyrics. It is one of those songs that is amazing, but you might not really want to listen too carefully…it evokes response.

So often we see people with needs. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we should be crazy and run around mindless trying to plasters on every person’s problems to the detriment of ourselves. What good can we be to others if we can’t even look after ourselves?! 
But we have a voice. You have a voice.
And if it is your power to do something, then do something. 

Now that I have seen, I am responsible

This is me and Theresa. And now that I have seen, I am responsible

I blogged about this verse in Justice, but I just have to come back to it!  Proverbs 24:12 says that if you see a need and are capable of helping, yet you do nothing about it, you will be judged for that. Doing something doesn’t always mean becoming a saviour to someone and saving the day. Sometimes it is raising awareness. Sometimes it is encouraging someone who is down. Sometimes it just means listening to someone without speaking a single word.
And this is what Brooke has done. She might not be able to give up everything and move to Rwanda to adopt this girl and change her life. That might not be God’s will for her life. But God has given Brooke a talent: a voice and platform to tell people about the underprivileged in a world so different to ours. 

What has God given you? What are the “small things” that God has put in your hands? Two years ago, Grace Campbell used her God-given creativity and wrote a Christmas nativity play, performed it in her front garden, and raised a lot on money for a missionary couple, Alan and Dorothy Graham, in Zimbabwe. 

What can you do? 

In my last church, the youth group put on a talent show to raise money for a cause called One Life Revolution. Their tag line is “You have one life. Do something.”

This is your one life. What can you do? 


One Response to “Albertine”

  1. brona T said

    You are a very gifted lady EJM. I love the way u can relate to us through the simple things like santa and a song written from the heart! I pray that God continues to use this ability in your life and that those of us reading will be able to take to heart the message u r giving, what am i going to do? not so sure yet,but just about to read the lyrics of the afore mentioned song and am sure they will touch my heart. God bless you, B

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