November 11, 2008

bunny_king_santa1There’s so much expectation in the word believe. Children believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. With one word from our parents, we know that on Christmas Eve, Santa will be coming to our house with loads and loads of fun presents and sweets just for us. And now, thanks to the Santa Tracker, we can follow Santa as he travels around the world on Christmas Eve! Then, on Easter, our parents tell us that when we wake Easter morning, there will be BIG chocolate Easter eggs waiting to be eaten! 
How is it that we can trust other people so much and believe their words SO MUCH that we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt in flying reindeers, a magical fat man in a red suit, and a life-size bunny rabbit that lays chocolate eggs?!

Words are funny. And our belief in them even funnier. It always seems that we choose to believe all of the wrong things and won’t believe any of the right things. When something bad happens, why do we always believe for the worst instead of hope for the best? 

God has already thought about this. He has filled the Bible with all sorts of promises for each and every one of us. He knows how hard it is for us to believe him. But think just for a minute of what life would be like if we really took God at his word:

You will never be lonely. 
When life is uncertain, you will have peace.
God has enabled you to do anything.
You will never die.
You will have a full, satisfying, and exciting life.
You are loved.

These are just a few.

Take some time now, read these promises, and discover what else God has to say.
Listen to his voice and choose to believe his words about you today.


One Response to “believe”

  1. Norm said

    keep up the writing babe. You have talent I could only ever dream of xoxox

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